Quality Assurance

Ensuring Emirates Engineering maintains the highest standards and complies with all regulatory requirements.

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Quality Assurance Department

Monitoring the compliance of Emirates Engineering to ensure the highest standards are maintained to meet regulatory requirements.

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Quality Assurance Engineering

The continuing airworthiness (CA) section sets up processes and procedures to ensure the airworthiness of the Emirates fleet. Emirates Engineering is approved by authorities such as the UAE GCAA, EASA and FAA to undertake airworthiness maintenance, and the CA section manages the various engineering function procedure manuals relating to this.

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Quality Assurance Maintenance

We aim to achieve, and maintain rigorously, the highest safety standards possible. Human error can and does happen though. Only by learning from our mistakes can we improve and prevent future incidents or accident. It is vital to the safety and welfare of our employees and, most importantly, our passengers, that we report mistakes and errors openly when they occur.

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Quality Assurance Certification

The Quality Assurance Certification (QAC) section is responsible for ensuring that all certification issues pertaining to aircraft and processes meet the regulatory requirements of the GCAA, EASA and the FAA. This section also undertakes aircraft certification on behalf of the GCAA and other authorities so that operating aircraft remain airworthy at all times.

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